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With iCASHLY you can keep your own financial situation under control at all times. A unique instrument which offers management of your own account, debit, credit and securities deposit account cards. Costs and savings can be monitored at all times.

A “time-saving” finance app, with the most total security possible.


Registered users are guaranteed the maximum convenience. With iCASHLY credit transfers and payments are extremely easy, fast and reversible if operations are cancelled within a specific fixed time.

Direct payments towards other iCASHLY clients are more rapid and fast because you don’t have to specify your IBAN code at each transaction. Everything has been designed to be smart and categorizable, just like management of savings and costs, together with management of credit transfers made in a general recap of the user’s movements.


With iCASHLY all investments can be managed immediately and can be used from one single instrument. The possibility of summarizing all existing investment positions and of monitoring active planning activities guarantee an effective control of your portfolio, with total security.

You can invest selecting your own preference via two methods:

  • Roboadvisor, where the user, on the basis of the risk proliferation deriving from an easy questionnaire, can invest in the portfolio most suited to his needs, calculated via a proprietary algorithm, with a simple, immediate and safe procedure, deciding the capital to be invested, planning recurrent payments and assessing long-term management of the portfolio with forecasting and descriptive tools.
  • Marketplace investment, where every user can choose independently the listed financial product most suited to his own profile; all you have to do is select the product, decide the capital to invest and buy it

Savings & autoinvestments

Saving and investment without any worries are possible with the iCASHLY bank, building up your assets a bit at a time thanks to the Savings and Autoinvest function. It is easy and immediate to use: just input the amount to be saved every month and how much of this you want to allocate to investment; preferences are memorised by the iCASHLY artificial intelligence system which carries them out every month, saving time and work, all with extreme security.





The app is programmed to make all transactions as secure as possible.

Every activity carried out by the user is notified in real time, access and actions are protected by a password and can be modified at all utilisation stations, making it possible to limit the ceilings of the transactions towards Italy and abroad at any time.

iCASHLY debit card

iCASHLY also offers a debit card which is exclusive with a look and offer which can be totally personalised. The user will be able to enable and/or disable the functions as required, and will also be able to manage online payments and payments abroad, set limits, block and change the PIN.